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Bulk Hand Sanitizer- BAC STOP 3A

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USA Made

BAC STOP 3 is a new generation, high quality pH balanced formula that is mild, yet tough enough to exceed USDA efficacy guidelines for E3 hand sanitizers.

  • BAC STOP 3A is intended for use as a no-rinse hand sanitizer in various industries including but not limited to food plants, hospitals, households, industrial manufacturing, schools, etc.
  • Has Slight Alcohol Odor

Contains emollients to leave hands feeling soft. BAC STOP 3 is a mild blend of biocidal quaternaries and alcohols. Active Ingredient 70% v/v Ethanol

This is a Liquid NOT a gel based sanitizer.

It is intended for use as a no-rinse hand sanitizer.

Directions for Use:

1) Wash hands using Bac Stop 2 or equivalent. Hands must be clean before use.

2) Apply generous amount of Bac Stop 3A via any application method to cover entire surface of the hand including cuticles and wrists.

3) Vigorously rub hands together until dry.

4) Do not rinse or towel-dry hands.

Min Order 1 Case (made up of four 1 gallon bottles)


A Enivrotech Misting Hand Pump Included

Also available in 5 gal, 55 gal and 300-gallon pack size.

Call for Large Volume Pricing


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